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This ATV will arrive 95% assembled with only minor assembly remaining such as: Putting on tires, installing battery, racks, tightening down the handle bars, it does come with Break-In oil already added in the engine. Written Instructions and a step by step CD-ROM Video Instructions are also Included for an easy referance
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Big 110cc Kids Sports Quad
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This medium sized Youth ATV is equipped with a throttle limiter which controls the speed and slows the overall top end speed down to as low as 5 MPH so that this four wheeler can be safely operated for the younger beginners just learning how to operate an all terrain vehicles. This ATV is also equipped with a wireless remote control key chain that electrically turns off the ATV from up to 300 feet away.This medium sized Big 110cc Youth ATV is equipped with a 110cc semi automatic 4 stroke gas engine, Electric push button Start, Large 19" tubeless rubber knobby off road tires, Dual front Adjustable compressed coil shocks & with Rear adjustable Mono Shock, High Beam / Low Beam Headlights, Dual front drum Brake, Rear hydraulic Disc Brake, complete with fully functional Brake Lights.

110cc 4 STROKE / Air Cooled 

47"L x 35"W x 30"H

Recommended Size: 
CPSC Recommend Ages 14+

Net Weight:
230 lbs

Fuel Tank Capacity:
1.6 gal

Tire Size :
 Front Tires: 19x7x8 
 Rear Tires: 18x9.5x8

Automatic with reverse

Brake System:
Hydraulic FRONT & REAR- Disc/ Hand Parking Brake

Average Speeds:
 5-34  mph (adjustable)

Color Available:
 Red, Black, Blue, Yellow

Ground clearance: 
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​This Big 110cc Youth sports Quad is perfect for ripping up the trails or launching it from the top of a sand dune. The super hardy three speed semi automatic transmission makes shifting a breeze and easy enough for beginners to enjoy. This medium sized Youth four wheeler is built to be ridden hard and used like an Off Road 4 wheeler should be and will put up with your child's abuse. The huge 19" tubeless tires will glide you through whatever terrain you decide to rip up!